Wines and the Desserts to go with them!

Wine and desserts are always a great combination to celebrate or spend an interesting evening!!

How do you figure out what wine to pick with dessert? There are three factors to consider:

  • Acidity (an acidic wine may pair best with a fruit dish, which also has natural acidity),
  • Intensity (the more intense the flavors of a dessert, the more intense the wine), and
  • Sweetness (a dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert itself).

Dessert impresario Gale Gand, ofChicago’s TRU recommends focusing on the different dessert categories when selecting wine. In general, as the colors of the dessert get darker, the wine gets darker. Here is a guide to wine pairings with each of the major dessert genres:

Custard and Vanilla

Desired Flavors (in the wine and dessert): Mild, light, buttery

Suggested Wine Pairings: White wines (late-harvest Riesling), sparkling wines like demi-sec champagne, and Asti Spumanti.

Fruit and Spice

Desired Flavors (in the wine and dessert): Apples, pears, cinnamon

Suggested Wine Pairings: White wines and pink champagne.

Caramels and Chocolates

Desired Flavors (in the wine and dessert): Dark, buttery, caramelized, rich.

Suggested Wine Pairings: Red wine (like late-harvest Pinot Noir, Banyuls, Grenache, Australian Shiraz), port (the classic chocolate pairing), and Grappa.

No Desserts

Suggested Wine Pairings: Ice wine. (It’s a dessert in itself!). And acidic, crisp white wines.

Enjoy the romance of tranquility and sweetness of these great combinations at one of the most exciting places, Lounge Mayaa!!! Cheers….

Does Beer Love Women ??

For a brew freak like us one of our simplest pleasures is a pint of good beer at the nearest Lounge. And guess who we need to thank for it? Women ! Did you know that  the simplest pleasure would ne’er have existed, without the enterprising skills of women? 

From 4000 BC to 21000 BC, the Sumerians spearheaded a culture crusade to firmly embed beer forever in human consciousness. Ninkashi, the patron Goddess of beer, was the Sumerian goddess of brewing and beer and head brewer tto the Gods themselves.

She, in turn, appointed very hot women as master brewers and beer priestesses. Yes, its  true, early brewers were principally women, not only because it was considered to be a women’s job but we are pretty sure men over 3,800 years ago, had yet to realize the pleasure of brewing beer.

By the start of Industrial revolution, new techniques of making beer evolved and they din’t need a woman’s touch any more.  While beer may not be pink, terribly sweet or even weight reducing, plenty of women drink beer! And craft brewers are slowly realizing that. Women love beer. May be differently  from their male counterparts, but they still love it as fervently. The only difference, however, is that beer-loving women drink less than their male counterparts.

When they do drink, its often in the context of fine dining or entertaining, and many of them select their  beers to complement the meal, So, if you think women are an insignificant part of the beer pie, keep this in mind- if they found a beer they cherish – women are far less cost conscious than men about the price of beer.  They are also more likely than men to try new styles or brands of beer  with an open mind, and be more vocal when disappointed.

In the past, most beer makers forced women to drink the same beer that was target at men. Fortunately today, beer brands are looking at this untapped segment with glee!

So, dear brewers, restaurateurs, bar staff – hide the champagne and cocktails! And throw open a new era of beer! Like we do at the Lounge Mayaa..

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

Enticing Gastronomic Journey at Maya:Handi!

Diners at Maya Handi can choose from the fixed menu or order a la carte. Handi’s  food style incorporates the evolved richness of indigenous curries from various curries across North India.

There is unique use of time tested ingredients transformed by eclectic combinations and modern presentations to create a fresh, new repertoire.

This no-frills restaurant with bamboo walls and a thatch roof has some of the best non vegetarian Rajasthani/Mughlai food in town.

One bite of the Keema Baati and you’ll forget all!

(Keema Hindi: क़ीमा, Urdu: قیمہ) is a traditional South Asian meat dish. Originally this word meant minced meat.
(Baati Rajasthani: बाटी) is a hard, unleavened bread cooked in the desert areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Other specialties include a tangy Tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in yogurt and baked in a tandoor)

And the specialty, Handi meat dish (a spicy mutton dish cooked on low charcoal for hours in a handi, or clay pot in true Rajasthani Style).

For all those with a sour tongue and experimental in nature, try this…..which guarantees a jolt to the tongue!

And we bet most will take an immediate liking to it!


For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

The Hours of Power at Lounge Mayaa!!

Lounge Mayaa is a great place for people who want to have fun and hang out, yet still enjoy some privacy. The Lounge is comfortably small and cozy with amazing ambiance and pleasant staff. Guests can have fun, chat, and enjoy the company of friends and pals while having a few drinks, or choose to be alone and enjoy some quiet time by themselves.

Lounge Mayaa has a stylish look and feel to it, especially the sitting area. Guests can enjoy their choice of imported beer and other drinks. What’s even better is that there is another fun reason why you should visit Lounge Mayaa –The Happy Hours!  You get your second drink for FREE!

Yes, that’s right! Each guest who orders a drink from the bar gets their second free drink on Happy Hours from 12.00 Noon to 08.30 p.m. every day. This is called the “Hours of Power” at Lounge Mayaa!!!

This is not all… there is more for your palette too!!

Mayaa surprise   *Get a dish of Rs 100 on a bill value of Rs 1500 or above

Mayaa Bonanza *Get a dish of Rs 200 on the bill value of Rs 2500 or above

Mayaa Jackpot   *Get a dish of Rs 400 on a bill value of Rs 4000 or above

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For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

*Rights of admission reserved

*Terms and conditions apply

*On purchase of beer, the scheme is 2+1 (buy two and get one free)

The New Buzz in Town: Lounge Mayaa!!

Are you searching for a good inviting place to enjoy a number of refreshments as well as cool spirits devoid of the large crowd? In that case, you need to surely take a look at Lounge Mayaa– it’s actually just a couple of steps along the Handi, Copper Chimney restaurants at  M.I. Road in Jaipur.

The Lounge Mayaa consists of pleasant employees that are humble and polite who will serve your drinks along with light meals. There are beautiful and cozy cabinets in which our guests can enjoy with pals and family, or just rest as well as relax after a day’s work.

You will discover a wide range of both local along with imported beverages in Lounge Mayaa. Visitors could decide among several cocktail beverages, beers, soft drinks, fruit drinks, Budweiser, Royal Challenge as well as Johnnie Walker and other premium malts. There are also several quick snack foods available, and if just in case you happen to be seeking a certain drink, just tell the bartenders and they’ll try to include it for your next visit.

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Over at Lounge Mayaa, you can relax and unwind, have a couple of beverages, enjoy some amazing music, and have fun with the company of friends and beyond while savoring a cozy environment and a sense of solitude. It’s actually no surprise, within a short span of time, Lounge Mayaa has become one of the most frequented lounge bars inside the Pink City.

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

The Perfect Indian Dessert – Jalebis !!

A popular Indian sweet introduced by the Mugals more than 500 years ago…

It’s a very common thing to see Jalebis piled up on a tray at any Indian sweet stores. There wouldn’t be a single food outlet without jalebis. It has been one of the most demanding sweets as a dessert at the Copper Chimney Restaurant, Jaipur . The perfectly coil shaped jalebis and the sugary coating over it which gives them the waxy look and of course the taste of it makes anyone to just relish this tantalizing dessert after the meal or even before. After a bite of it, you could see people sitting still indulged in this sweet with their eyes closed and there comes the Mmmm, mmmm sound.

INGREDIENTS: Makes about 8-10 jalebis

1 cup all purpose flour
2 ½ tablespoon rice flour
1 teaspoon yeast or 3 tablespoon sour yogurt
¼ teaspoon saffron
¼ teaspoon turmeric
For Sugar Syrup-
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
½ teaspoon rose water (optional)
Oil (for deep frying)

METHOD: In 2-3 tablespoon hot water dissolve yeast. Cover and let it sit for 5 minutes.
Now combine flour and spices in a large mixing bowl. Add yeast and adding water, little at a time make a thick batter. Cover and let it ferment for an 1-2 hours.
If using yogurt instead of yeast then repeat the same process just the batter would be thinner in this case. Exactly like a pancake batter. Cover and ferment for 6-8 hours or overnight.
In the meantime make a one strand sugar syrup cooking sugar and water for 15-20 minutes on medium heat.
After fermentation the batter should be light and flowy. Add extra water if needed.
Heat oil for deep frying. Using a funnel, piping bag (with tip number 12), a Ziploc bag (cut a small opening), a jalebi maker of a plastic ketchup bottle with a nizzle like opening, pipe the batter into the oil in circular motion.
Fry until the jalebi is golden on both sides. Take it out of the fryer and drop into the hot syrup for 5-7 seconds. Strain the extra syrup out and take the jalebis out. Serve with yogurt, rabdi or just as it is.

Make sure to follow the steps as it is. If you are trying this for the first time, you might find it hard to make the perfect coiled shape for the first few tries, but trust, after a while you’ll find it easier and you will be there having fun making the perfect jalebis.  Now, if you have nailed it even at the first try, then “Bravo, We bow down to you”.

Or in case you wish to savor this scrumptious sweet dish without trying your hands on, you can any day visit the best continental food restaurant in Jaipur to enjoy these finger licking Jalebis!!

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001