Does Beer Love Women ??

For a brew freak like us one of our simplest pleasures is a pint of good beer at the nearest Lounge. And guess who we need to thank for it? Women ! Did you know that  the simplest pleasure would ne’er have existed, without the enterprising skills of women? 

From 4000 BC to 21000 BC, the Sumerians spearheaded a culture crusade to firmly embed beer forever in human consciousness. Ninkashi, the patron Goddess of beer, was the Sumerian goddess of brewing and beer and head brewer tto the Gods themselves.

She, in turn, appointed very hot women as master brewers and beer priestesses. Yes, its  true, early brewers were principally women, not only because it was considered to be a women’s job but we are pretty sure men over 3,800 years ago, had yet to realize the pleasure of brewing beer.

By the start of Industrial revolution, new techniques of making beer evolved and they din’t need a woman’s touch any more.  While beer may not be pink, terribly sweet or even weight reducing, plenty of women drink beer! And craft brewers are slowly realizing that. Women love beer. May be differently  from their male counterparts, but they still love it as fervently. The only difference, however, is that beer-loving women drink less than their male counterparts.

When they do drink, its often in the context of fine dining or entertaining, and many of them select their  beers to complement the meal, So, if you think women are an insignificant part of the beer pie, keep this in mind- if they found a beer they cherish – women are far less cost conscious than men about the price of beer.  They are also more likely than men to try new styles or brands of beer  with an open mind, and be more vocal when disappointed.

In the past, most beer makers forced women to drink the same beer that was target at men. Fortunately today, beer brands are looking at this untapped segment with glee!

So, dear brewers, restaurateurs, bar staff – hide the champagne and cocktails! And throw open a new era of beer! Like we do at the Lounge Mayaa..

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