Romance Over Hot-Soups at Handi Restaurant

In winters, what can be more comforting and satisfying than a bowl of hot soup? They are the best things to please your taste-buds, when winters are here. In this heart-warming combination, where liquids interact ecstatically with solids, is sure to warm up your body and spirit. No doubt, they are always a good choice as a light meal or a starter.

We know how to make flavor packed soups for you that can sooth your palate and soul. Soups at Handi Restaurant are filling, nutritious and refreshes completely.

We serve a variety of delicious and healthy soups to comfort every taste-buds and make winters delightful. Here, we take you on gastronomic journey of our best served soups-

Cream of Tomato Soup

ImageWarm and delicious! Made up of tomato as a main ingredient, the cream of tomato soups is of those soups that will make you eat with your eyes first.

Vegetable Soup

ImagePrepared with garden fresh vegetables, the soup tastes heavenly. The simple rule of winters is to savor a big pot of vegetable soup and stay high on healthy living.

Sweet Corn Vegetable
A steaming cup of hot soup will take you on delicious adventure with its healthy and flavorsome ingredients- combo of sweet corn and fresh vegetables.

Cream of Chicken Soup

ImageChicken soup is the ultimate comfort food in cold season. Studies say that chicken soup even help fight colds.

Sweet Corn Chicken

ImageThis aromatic soup is a great start to a wonderful meal. The soup is a healthy dose of flavor that you can’t afford to miss at Handi.

ImageSavor warm and high on taste soups at your Handi Restaurant. You know, serving you the best is our satisfying activity.
Delightful winters to all soupy people ! 🙂

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Why Not Turn Up the Heat on Barbeque

When winters are knocking at the door, you should always find an excuse to silence your hunger with barbeque dishes at Handi Restaurant.

Untitled-1 copy

When the destination happens to be the Handi Restaurant, where authenticity is the USP, dining out with family automatically becomes exciting. Winters have checked in Jaipur and nothing can satiate that wintery hunger better than barbeque meat served by us. Then, join us to turn up the heat on barbeque in this cold temperature. So, are you ready to explore ‘barbeque’ with us?


Let’s understand first what barbeque is? You certainly know, it’s a method & apparatus for cooking meat. The question now rises how it is different from grilling then. Well, both share a difference in their cooking time and the type of heat used.


Grilling cooks meat relatively quickly as the direct heat is imparted to the food by a charcoal fire. On the other hand, barbeque is a much slower method of cooking meat. In the barbeque, the heat is indirectly imparted to the meat by cooking and smoking the meat over charcoal or wood. You can say, barbequing is generally done “low & slow” and grilling is usually “hot & fast”. Barbeque is usually done in outdoor spaces. For restaurants, special metal ovens are designed for that purpose. Some restaurants manage to cook the meat in large brick.


Whenever hunger calls, it has to be Handi Restaurant, where tummy and pocket smile together.