Barbecuing Or Grilling: What’s the Difference?

Barbequing Or Grilling: What’s the Difference
You would agree that nothing comes close to hot and delicious barbeque meat on a cold winter night. But do you know the difference between the two – Barbecuing & Grilling? Some people tend to confuse barbecuing with grilling.  Though both are a method and apparatus for cooking meat, they share a difference in their cooking time and the type of heat used.

The term “grilling” refers to cooking food over a direct flame. On the other hand, uses indirect heat or low-level heat to cook foods – usually meats. Grilling cooks meat relatively quickly as the direct heat is imparted to the food by a charcoal fire. On the other hand, barbeque is a much slower method of cooking meat. In the barbeque, the heat is indirectly imparted to the meat by cooking and smoking the meat over charcoal or wood.

You can say, barbecuing is generally done “low & slow” and grilling is usually “hot & fast”. Barbeque is usually done in outdoor spaces. For restaurants, special metal ovens are designed for that purpose. Some restaurants manage to cook the meat in large brick.

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