Recalling The Traditional Art Of Slow Cooking

Getting back to the olden days when the traditional method of slow cooking was practiced in the royal kitchens of the Nawabs of Awadh. The magic behind the deliciousness and mouthwatering delicacies of the Awadhi cuisine is the traditional art of slow cooking, known as Dum Pukht, where the dish is cooked until it matures completely.


Handi, around heavy bottomed utensil was normally used and it was made a point to seal the utensil with a dough known as purdah or veil so as the moisture and flavors are retained in the dish. The reason behind the style of slow cooking is roasting and proper maturing of the prepared dish and sustains the flavors and aroma.

The two most relished dishes made by this fragile technique of slow cooking are Dal Makhani and Dum Biryani. These dishes are cooked for hours and hours to get the best results.




So, come down to Handi to taste these yummy dishes and resist the temptation to peek every time the lid is opened and smell the subtle flavors and aromas.

Open the doors of Handi Restaurant,

Opp. GPO, MI Road, Jaipur


The Times Food And Nightlife Awards Bring Accolades To The Woman Behind Handi

The Pink city witnessed a successful night for all foodies last night at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards 2016.

With a mission to pamper the guests with tasty, authentic and hygienic food, the woman behind Handi – Rashmi Kuchhal surely needs glorious accolades. We feel ecstatic and extremely proud of her being awarded as the Best Restaurateur who welcomes everyone at Handi Restaurant, Jaipur with immense warmth and makes them feel at home.


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Pic- Rashmi Kuchhal receiving the Best Restaurateur Award by actress Rama Pandey


Rashmi Kuchhal narrated the story because of which she stands here. “For a moment, I was pushed back 34 years when Shashi & I started Handi. The years flashed by in a series of pictures of dreams, happiness, sacrifice, pain, love, anguish and joy.
Today, I have received this award for my father who taught me the true meaning of hospitality and my mother who guided me to be a businessperson first and the woman later.
My sons, daughters- in- laws, and friends; each one of you have been a part of this journey. The wonderful staff at Handi and my beloved precious customers of Handi – today each one of you stand by me.
I would not have reached here without the unflinching support and guidance of my dear friend Gurinder”.


Receiving the award from the Grammy winning Hindustani Classical instrumentalist- Vishwa Mohan Bhatt at Hotel Marriot, Jaipur (L-R, Kunal Kuchhal, Pt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Rashmi Kuchhal and Arjun Kuchhal)


It’s through her right guidance that Handi Restaurant has been consistently winning the Best North Indian in Casual Dining at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards. The event was enlightened as there was a stall to relish the Handi delicacies and indulge in the victory celebration. We are truly thankful to the jury and all those who voted for us. We really appreciate the love and support and hope it continues to be like this every time.

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