For that Delicious End of a Meal

There is no more honorable way of ending any meal than a DESSERT. Tasty & Fun! It is that delicious and important part a meal that can turn your any average meal into a memorable event. So what if you’re a weight-watcher? A little bit of sugar never did anyone harm. 🙂

Fruit Salad Ice-cream

Fruit Salad Ice-cream

Indulge in the yummy treat, ‘Fruit Salad Ice-cream’ from the Handi Restaurant, Jaipur and give a perfect ending to your meal. It is so high-in-taste that you will be tempted to have it first.

Enjoy your meal, enjoy your dessert !

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So Much to Savor at Maya-Handi!!

Welcome to Handi (The place for Tandoori & Mughlai Food) Jaipur’s Premier Restaurant specializing in North Indian Cuisine!!!

Here at ‘Handi’ we offer the most exquisite assortment of North Indian dishes. With an extensive menu and brilliantly designed decor, we have more to offer than just great food and a cool vibe; we have perfected the most memorable experience in Indian dining!!!

For starters, may we recommend some chilly chicken dry or olive chicken (Marinated chunks of chicken served with seasoned olives) or Vegetable momos or even better yet, spicy paneer balls (Red chillies added to scrambled cottage cheese to make it more spicy with mint chutney), a vegetarian delight.

Our menu is filled with selections to please each individual taste bud. Work your way through the many choices, try to do things ‘family-style’, order some Tandoori dishes, may we recommend Tandoori chicken, Afgaani chicken or perhaps a Curry dish, like the staff favorite, chicken curry.
Even more excitement comes in the form of our Biryani’s, especially the ever-succulent Handi Mutton Biryani or chicken Biryani, be sure to give one of those, or both, a try. Vegetarians need not worry as the expanded menu includes many of the old favorites as well as some new creations. Have you ever tried our Butter Paneer Platter, well if not, try it or stick with Pindi Chana Masala or Palak Paneer, dishes that work equally well with some of our saffron infused Basmati Rice or any of our varieties of Naan (plain, butter, stuffed, cheese, garlic, onion).

With all this great food, be sure to order one of our Lassi’s, a Traditional yogurt drink, which is more like a fruit smoothie, designed to complement the dinner you’re about to enjoy. And finally, complete your dining experience here by saving room for a warm serving of Gulab Jamun or for our signature dessert, Fruit salad with an ice-cream, ideal for soothing your senses.


So much ado about everything, we look forward to hosting your gathering or intimate dinner, Thank You for becoming our guest and for choosing to take a stroll through our ‘Maya- Handi!!!