Boneless Chicken Treat at Handi Jaipur

Boneless.Chicken Recipe

As you know, chicken dish is a delight for every non-vegan. But do you that besides being delicious in taste it is good for health too. Just 100 grams of chicken gives the human body 30 different nutritional substances. It is a great source of selenium, a cancer substance known for anti-cancer properties. It is also packed with lean, low fat protein. The skin of chicken contains the maximum fat, and this is the reason why many prefer skinned chicken.

A hit among chicken-lovers, the boneless chicken curry served at Handi Restaurant, Jaipur is so soft and succulent that it will become your favorite and tempt you to visit us again and again. Prepared using boneless chunks of chicken lathered with rich, buttery gravy of cream, and flavored with a tang of tomatoes & a combination of various fiery spices and herbs, it just melts in mouth to make taste-buds feel happy. Try it yourself to believe. 

Loosen your belt and perk up the lazy evening with the classic taste of the finest ‘Boneless chicken’ at an award winning Handi restaurant, Jaipur. 

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