Hot & Spicy Laal Maas

Could you think of a better way to spend your weekend than devouring royal delicacies?  Laal Maas or red hot meat curry is a well known authentic traditional dish from Rajasthan. As the name suggests, this is an intensely spicy dish and it gets its warm vibrant red color from nothing but the red chili peppers which is used to cook it. The dish is too delicious to melt in mouth.

laal maas at handi Jaipur
‘Laal Maas’ was a favorite of the gallant Rajput clan. The meat that was caught during hunts was cooked in dry red chillies and whole spices and was simmered in huge handis for hours together. Tomatoes and other vegetables were not native to the land, so chillies and spices were all they had to create the dynamite called ‘Laal Maas’. The meat was then served to the kings in beautiful brassware.

You must have got it by now that this is not a dish for the “fainthearted”. 🙂 But if you love spicy food, do give it a try at Handi Restaurant Jaipur. We promise, you won’t regret.  It tastes absolutely delicious when eaten combined with bajra roti. Just come down to Handi and savor the hot and spicy Laal Maas. The Handi restaurant, Jaipur is the most trusted name in Jaipur for authentic Rajasthani delights.

Visit us, eat to your contentment and return home fully satisfied.

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