Butter Chicken:Brand of India

Butter Chicken Masala is a very popular Indian non-veg traditional recipe. It is also known by several names such Murg Makhani & Makhan Murg. This is a slightly seasoned chicken dish enriched with butter and cream.

Do you know-Butter Chicken has become a brand for our Country.

Butter Chicken is not only an speciality from North India but this tasty cuisine is savored by all non vegetarians in India.

All of us know that  most of the foreigners, who visits India, has mainly two mottos in mind- First is to watch Historical Monuments and the other is to taste Indian food.

Foreigners dining at Handi Restaurant

Their liking towards Indian Mughlai food starts and ends with Butter Chicken. Butter Chicken is an Indian Non-Veg dish hardly available in other English Countries.  Most of the English People Cook beef and this is the reason that they couldn’t taste Indian Non-Veg dishes including Butter Chicken. In fact, many foreigners have started recognizing India as the Country of tandoori dishes and even saying the Butter Chicken as the food brand of India.

Jaipur is already famous for its historical monuments…so Foreigners just make sure that every time they are in the city, a visit to Maya: Handi is a must must. This fragrant and spicy dish is an all time favorite and sure hit served at Handi restaurant.
Butter Chicken Masala tastes great with Naan, Tandoori parantta and Roti…!

So, come and enjoy an appetizing delicious meal nowhere else but at Handi Restaurant and add that much needed spice to your meals.

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