Lounge Mayaa – A Perfect Weekend Ecstacy

Lounge Mayaa is a modern twist on a traditional venue. It is a new buzz in town that offers a good range of beers, exotic wines by the glass, modern and classic cocktails as well as an award winning food menu.

The design is elegant yet casual at this exotic Lounge in the Pink City that knows how to party and recharge on weekends for a new week ahead. Offering elevated pub style seating, traditional seating as well as a chic lounge setting indoors.

Our guests at lounge Mayaa can enjoy the music along with the friendly and professional staff. Delightfully romantic and casual atmosphere has been created that our guests enjoy week after week.

Lounge Mayaa with such a stunning ambiance, drinks and food thoroughly embodies the timeless appeal and seductive flavor of Life.

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Undoubtedly, Lounge Mayaa is the place to be for any discerning urban nomad, be it for our legendary martinis or the classic whiskeys.

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

The Hours of Power at Lounge Mayaa!!

Lounge Mayaa is a great place for people who want to have fun and hang out, yet still enjoy some privacy. The Lounge is comfortably small and cozy with amazing ambiance and pleasant staff. Guests can have fun, chat, and enjoy the company of friends and pals while having a few drinks, or choose to be alone and enjoy some quiet time by themselves.

Lounge Mayaa has a stylish look and feel to it, especially the sitting area. Guests can enjoy their choice of imported beer and other drinks. What’s even better is that there is another fun reason why you should visit Lounge Mayaa –The Happy Hours!  You get your second drink for FREE!

Yes, that’s right! Each guest who orders a drink from the bar gets their second free drink on Happy Hours from 12.00 Noon to 08.30 p.m. every day. This is called the “Hours of Power” at Lounge Mayaa!!!

This is not all… there is more for your palette too!!

Mayaa surprise   *Get a dish of Rs 100 on a bill value of Rs 1500 or above

Mayaa Bonanza *Get a dish of Rs 200 on the bill value of Rs 2500 or above

Mayaa Jackpot   *Get a dish of Rs 400 on a bill value of Rs 4000 or above

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For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

*Rights of admission reserved

*Terms and conditions apply

*On purchase of beer, the scheme is 2+1 (buy two and get one free)

Where and what to eat in Jaipur

Jaipur is one of the most remarkable cities in India. This is not only because of its vibrant culture and heritage, but also because of its diverse and mouth watering cuisines. The different kinds of food available in the numerous restaurants will surely answer your question of what and where to eat in Jaipur.


Speaking of what and where to eat in Jaipur, you will surely be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for authentic Indian food or want to go for the Continental variety, you are sure to get what you want over here at Maya : Handi, Copper Chimney and Lounge Mayaa.

As far as Indian food is concerned, you can go for the chicken butter masala, mutton korma, shahi kebabs,  paneer tikka,  chola bhatura well served with tantalizing aromas at Handi.

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If you want a taste of Continental food in India, then you should not forget to try out the Mexican, mughlai, traditional Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines at Copper Chimney, the best continental food restaurant in Jaipur. A large number of delicious Indian snacks are also worth trying. Some of the dishes that are worth trying include vegetable chow chow, grilled chicken, sweet corn soup, different varieties of salads and others.. All this will surely make what to eat in Jaipur a simple matter.

The Dal Batti Churma, a Rajasthani speciality, is the most popular snack of the city. The samosas, kachoris or the Mirchi Badas, which consist of thick green chilies smeared with gram flour paste and deep-fried, is a hot favorite among the locals.

Children can go for their favorite pizzas, pastas and burgers.  Those with a sweet tooth, can go for the Mawa Kachori, Ghewar and other types of sweet dishes at these restaurants. In order to refresh yourself during the hot months, do not forget the mtka kulfi and lassi.

Lounge MAYAA, is a big hit with not only the young but also the young at heart. It seems to be the preferred choice for people looking for a change from their usual, familiar evening hang outs.

There are a large number of restaurants in Jaipur. The city is filled with a large number of multi-cuisine restaurants, But Maya Group of hotels stand apart.

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

Three Restaurants to try this weekend!

Jaipur’s Dining Scene is always changing, that’s why Maya Group offers you Jaipur’s best restaurants, whether you’re into exotic grills or hearty curries .



One name that is winning accolades  since years is the Handi Restaurant in Jaipur. The Handi Restaurant, Jaipur is one of the most popular restaurants among the locals and tourists in Jaipur which also won the Best North Indian Food Restaurant award by Times. Handi was conceived in 1984. Today it is a restaurant of national repute. This fresh, imaginative and interactive all day dining concept will entice everyone to be adventurous. Since inception, showcasing the freshest produce and ingredients; this lively and approachable venue is limited only to one’s imagination.

The wide array of dishes at Handi includes the kathi kababs as one of the best delicacies here. The tender and garlicky mutton, the fresh roti along with onions and tomatoes crunched between the teeth are the most popular items here. You can even try the butter chicken, which is marinated first in yoghurt, then baked in a tandoor and cooked in a tomato curry. The Handi meat which is mutton cooked in a clay pot is quite popular. You can also relish the taste of popular Rajasthani delicacies like Aloo Bharta, Chana Dal Parantha, Churma, Daal Batti, Ghevar, Aloo Mangodi, Bhuna Kukda, Chane Jaiselmer Ke, Gatte Ka Pulao, Jaipur Ki Gajak and many others.


Copper Chimney

The Best Continental Food Restaurant award winner, Copper Chimney from the very first day of its inception has won over the hearts of the local people and the visitors. The décor of this restaurant is ethnic at the same time contemporary. The beautiful etched glass interiors add glamour to the overall decor of Copper Chimney in Jaipur. The soft and subtle lights create an ambience that is perfect for intimate dining. Don’t worry about the service here; it’s simply prompt and friendly. The professional yet humble waiters serve you at your beck and call.

The Copper Chimney restaurant in Jaipur is open from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. In the evening the restaurant is open from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Lounge Mayaa

Lounge MAYAA, is a big hit with not only the young but also the young at heart. It seems to be the preferred choice for people looking for a change from their usual, familiar evening hang outs. Done in bright shades with vibrant upholstery and soothing lights, the ambiance is warm and at the same time welcoming. The seating arrangement ensures that the guests on the next table are not breathing down your neck or eaves dropping your conversation!

There is fairly large selection of drinks that you can choose from! In addition to wines and beer, you’ll also get Mojitos, Margaritas, Martinis and cocktails like Long Island Iced Tea and Between the Sheets. Shooters Shot, mock tails and quenchers also offer wide array of concoctions for you, to choose from.

For reservations and to book your table please contact :  Arjun Kuchhal  : 9829063600


Opposite  GPO, M.I. ROAD

Jaipur  Rajasthan 302001

Tasty Concoction Cocktails!!

Here are some super cool cocktails served at Maya: handi, Copper Chimney and Lounge Mayaa!!

Now you can try them at home and enjoy the tranquil tastes served at Lounge Mayaa!!

Here it goes…..

Sparkling Sunrise

– 45 ml Vodka

– 10 ml Sparkling Wine

– 5 ml simple syrup

– 20 ml Orange Juice

Mix all ingredients, except for sparkling wine, in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve in a champagne flute. Top with sparkling wine. Garnish with a lemon twist. And “Share” this Sparkling Sunrise with your loved one !

Berry Sweetheart

It’s a mix of cranberry and apple juices with a little honey for sweetness.

45ml Smirnoff vodka

30ml cranberry juice

30ml apple juice

15ml honey/sugar syrup

Fill mug with ice. Pour in Smirnoff over ice. Add in honey /sugar syrup stir well top with half soda half sprite. And its ready!

Try these amazing cocktails this weekend at home and share your experience with us !!