Mushroom, the Nature’s Hidden Treasure

There are only few dishes that are able to strike a balance between nutrition and taste. High on nutrients and packed with flavors, mushroom is one of those.

Mushroom-Pea Curry

Once looked upon as an exotic ingredient and now a super-food, mushroom can conveniently be called as a “nature’s hidden treasure”. How? They are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D. The micro-nutrient ‘selenium’ which is hard to find in most vegetables and fruits is contained in Mushroom. Also, they have potential anti-cancer properties and low glycemic index that makes them a superb dietary option for diabetics. They contain no fat and help in maintaining cholesterol level thus good for heart health. Being a rich source of Vitamin b2 and protein, they boost immune system, help in weight management and great for hair and skin. Isn’t it the best of both worlds? 🙂

Mushroom Curry gets healthier make-over when plump local peas are added to it. Try their scintillating combination in our appetizing ‘Mushroom Peas Curry’ made by a rich blend of Indian spices, and take advantage of a balanced, satisfying and nourishing meal, only at an award-winning Handi Restaurant, Jaipur.

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