Tangy & Spicy Pindi Chana

Best festive wishes of Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone!!

Are you one of those, who abstains non-vegetarian food and turn vegan until the beloved Guest ‘Lord Ganesha’ leaves home? If you are, then tangy and spicy ‘Pindi Chana’ would be a great option to tickle your taste-buds.

Pindi-Chole-recipe( Image Courtesy : Tickling Palates.com)

India is a vast country with a diverse culture and varied cuisine.  Among its plethora of cuisines, there’s something about Punjabi food that makes us all drool over it. Speaking of delectable and aromatic Punjabi cuisine, there is one vegetarian dish which is absolutely mouthwatering – Pindi Chana.

Straight out of the heart of Punjab, Pindi Chana’ is a popular variation of the versatile chole. It is different from the regular preparation in terms of color as well as texture.The Chole Masala is coated with gravy, whereas pindi chana is dry. Its dark color is the result of tea leaves. The leaves are added while cooking the chickpeas that give the dish a rich & earthy color and unique flavor.  Pindi Chana got its name after the town where it originated – Rawalpindi ( Pakistan) – in the days before the India-Pakistan partition.

Full of proteins, Pindi chana tastes great with naan, bhatura and kulche. Try it and enjoy a much-needed break from the regular Chana Masala. Located on M.I. road and Vaishali Nagar, Handi restaurant is an amazing place to go for authentic ‘Pindi Chana’. The ambiance is relaxing and the service is prompt.

Delicious Yet Healthy Corn Spinach Curry for Rain-Soaked Monsoon

Corn Spinach Curry recipe
The falling rain, slight chill in the air and deliciousness of corn- who doesn’t love this? There is no denial that monsoon and fresh corn is one of the best combinations; and if the goodness of Spinach which is a rich source of Vitamin A is added to it, the end result becomes totally healthy and nutritious. The corn-spinach curry is a mildly flavoured preparation, made with spinach and corn kernels. The sweetness of corn balances the slight bland flavor of spinach. This exotic preparation tastes fabulous with roti, naan or jeera rice to delight every palate.

If these pouring days have brought your corn cravings back in full swing, then hop down to Handi Restaurant, Jaipur to take pleasure in the goodness of spinach and richness of corn in one dish that your taste-buds simply going to love.

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