Royal Delight of Rajasthan – Laal Maas

If Rajasthan is a state well known for its monumental forts and palaces, the vibrant desert – it’s cuisine is no less renowned. The ubiquitous ‘Laal Maas’ can make your nose water and get tears from the eyes.

Laal Maas

With the minimum ingredients available in the earlier times, the laal maas is cooked with red chillies and whole spicies, as tomatoes and other vegetables were not native to this land. Inspite of tomatoes, the secret ingredient used by the erstwhile people used to use kachri (a wild variety of cucumber grown in the desert).With the redolent flavor of cloves and other spices, garlic makes into a thick semi dry gravy for the dish.


This legendary red meat curry of Rajasthan which turns to a fiery looking dish is delicately smoked with charcoal to retain the aroma of the delicacy.

So, what are you waiting for? In your next visit to Jaipur, open the doors at Handi and try this succulent Rajasthan dish.