Lassi: A Perfect Summer Beverage with Multiple Health Benefits

When it is burning hot outside, the only thing one can focus on is an ice-chilled drink. Nutritiously adequate and deliciously made, ‘Lassi’ is a perfect beverage to compensate for the hot sweltering summers of Jaipur. No soft drink or soda drink can beat its goodness. This yoghurt based beverage is an age old drink that offers multiple health benefits.

Refreshing lassi

Health benefits of lassi are many. Let’s know some of them:

Beats Body Heat
Lassi is yoghurt based drink and yoghurt is known for providing cooling effect to body. Thus, drink a glass of lassi everyday and protect yourself from heat strokes.

Instant Source of Energy
Lassi has a lot of glucose, thus gives instant energy.

Hydrating Effect
Lassi also hydrates your skin and body. The moisture content helps to fulfill the water requirement of the body during the summer seasons.

Aids Digestion
Lactose in milk is converted by the healthy bacteria into lactic acid which digest lactose or dairy products. Having lassi every day will improve your digestion.

Provides Nutrition
As lassi is prepared with a dairy product, yogurt, it is rich in calcium along with potassium, Vitamin B-12 and protein. Thus, a great summer drink to enjoy a good health.

You can’t escape hot summers of Jaipur, but can survive it by having a glass of chilled lassi. So next time when you visit Handi Restaurant, don’t forget to order a glass of this sweet, thick and refreshing summer beverage.

Happy Summers! 🙂